Cedar Roof Treatment

Cedar Roof Treatment With Timber Pro Coatings Ltd

We are proud of our long time relationship with Timber Pro Coatings Ltd, of Richmond BC. For over 20 years, we have used Timber Pro products on cedar roofs throughout greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

What is Timber Pro Cedar Roof Treatment?

Timber Pro roof treatment is a professional grade natural oil wood preservative for use on cedar shakes and shingles. The treatment provides superior performance and durability a shingle or cedar roof requires in our environment. Timber Pro UV is specifically made for cedar roof treatment. Its water borne and naturally protects the cedar roofs. To learn more about TimberPro Products, click this link.

The treatment has excellent penetration providing UV protection and a breathable finish to reduce rot, and cracking. All this while enhancing the natural beauty of a cedar shingle or shake roof.

Why Timber Pro Cedar Roof Treatment?

Timber Pro carries top notch raw wood finishes to people who are intent on protecting, maintaining and treating their cedar roof. Timber Pro wood protection and restoration products were created to address a need for more dependable, raw wood stains that preserve and care for log homes, raw wood siding, wood decks and fences. Anyone who does woodworking understands that it is critical for the wood to be able to breathe once it has been coated. Timber Pro UV Roof Treatment does just that… because it is a stain.

Cedar roof cleaning and treatment in Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Before and after image showing the restoration of a 19-year-old roof.



Timber Pro UV Cedar Roof treatment has three essential components:

  • A small amount of red cedar tint – just enough to protect the wood from the UV rays of the sun without distorting the natural color of the wood
  • Natural tree resins to give a layer of moisturizer to the wood, much like as you would moisturize your own skin
  • An algaecide to keep the lichen and moss from growing on your roof

The Timber Pro UV Roof Treatment keeps you roof looking “like new” for years. For more information on other great Timber Pro products, go to www.timberprocoatings.com

Timber Pro products are registered on the Greater Vancouver Regional District Buildsmart program.

Learn more about GVRD Buildsmart Program

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