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South-West Roof Restoration Inc.’s highly trained staff professionally remove moss, mold, mildew, fungus and debris from your cedar roof, restoring it to a clean natural wood colour without damaging the structure of the wood. There are many methods for cedar roof cleaning, but the most effective and efficient way is washing. Inexperience with washing cedar roofs and too high a pressure can damage your roof, potentially destroying years of the roof’s life. This is something that should be only attempted by a professional roof maintenance technician (RMT) who is an expert in cedar roof maintenance.

A Long History of Quality Cedar Roof Cleaning

We have used our low pressure, high volume system successfully since 1985. Experience counts! Once cleaned, the wood can then be treated to guard against mildews, molds, fungus and UV Damage. In addition to inhibiting the growth of fungus, our product also protects and rejuvenates the lubricity and repellency lost due to the weather and time, thus adding years to the life of your roof.

With foresight and the basic understanding of what degrades your cedar shake roof, you can avoid costly and unnecessary cedar roof replacement in the future.

As cedar advances to its mature stage, it is natural to expect some of the shingles to require replacement. Cedar roof restoration is affordable, and if done promptly can extend its life for many more years.

Cedar roof treatment can greatly extend life expectancy of your cedar roof. With the high costs of replacing your roof, you will see that restoring and repairing your roof is a sound financial investment. It will add curb appeal and increase the odds of selling your home, should you desire. For a fraction of the price of replacing your cedar roof, we can restore its former glory.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Restores Your Roof’s Beauty

Our Qualified RMTs will carefully clean your roof with a low pressure washing machine, removing the rot-promoting moss, dirt, leaves and other debris. The thin layers of wood cells that have been pulverized by Ultra Violet rays (UV) are removed, revealing the true beauty of your cedar roof. Gutters are cleaned, and all windows and siding are rinsed off. Our crew ensures that your house and yard are protected while we service your roof. Work only with experts in cedar roof repair, maintenance and installation. Choosing a company that is not trained in (RMT) cedar roof cleaning could result in damage to your roof!

By investing a little today in a preventative program to keep your roof clean and watertight, you are literally putting thousands of dollars in your pocket. Dollars you otherwise will inevitably have to pay out for a complete cedar roof replacement. We’ve seen it happen countless times during our 20 years in the cedar roof maintenance business.

Cedar roof restoration at Bowen Island, British Columbia

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