Repair & Re-Roof For Cedar Shakes

Cedar Roof Repair, Restoration, Re-Roofing And Inspection

Before any cedar roof repair begins, our team thoroughly assesses the condition of your cedar roof and provides you with a concise, yet detailed report. Your report will spell out in layman’s terms, what repairs are necessary to bring your cedar roof back into a sound state. Ask for the professionals at Cedar Roof repair Leak repairing Ridge Cap replacement and repairing for Shakes and Shingles with damage such as splitting or cracking, curling or dry rot, etc.

We have conducted our Roof Inspections for Vancouver Individual Property Owners, Property Management Organizations, Homeowners Groups, Home Builders, Insurance  Corporations, and Real Estate Offices. Our customers are the best advertisement for our services. See our testimonials page to read a few of their comments.

Cedar Roof Repair

Do you have missing cedar roof tiles? Has your cedar roof been damaged by raccoons or nesting birds? Are there watermarks on your ceiling? Damage to your cedar roof can seriously compromise its integrity. Always have weather and pest damage checked out immediately to prevent further problems and costly repairs.

We provide the following cedar roof repair services:

  • Replace any ridge caps as required
  • Replace any rotted, damaged or severely curled shingles or shakes
  • Install metal shims where cracks overlap or are rotted, to prevent future leaks
  • Assess, repair and replace vents, valleys and flashings as required
  • Repairs are a very important area of our service and requires the experience of one of our qualified
  • Cedar Roof Maintenance Technicians

The fact is, cedar roofs can be maintained, extending their life expectancy. With the rising costs of cedar and alternative roofing products, you will see that restoring and repairing your cedar roof is a sound investment.

The beauty of owning a cedar shake roof is that it is possible to replace and repair parts of the roof, without worrying that the replacement cedar shakes are significantly different from the originals. Usually, only a small number of pieces or areas need our expert attention. And since cedar naturally migrates to a beautiful silver colour, you will not have to be concerned about having to match the shakes to your roof. Mother Nature will take care of blending the shakes.

Need A New Cedar Roof?

A new cedar roof is not only a necessity but also a sound investment that will add value and enrich the appearance of your home. There are a lot of roofing companies that make promises but don’t follow through. Who can you trust to give you a new cedar roof that will look beautiful, withstand the elements and last for 25 or more years? If you are looking for a company that you can feel comfortable with, ask us to provide you with examples of our work, in your neighbourhood. You will see the quality of our work firsthand. We stand behind our work with a 5-year written warranty and work hard to make your happy.

Upon contacting South-West Roof Inc, we will provide you with a free estimate, which will include all the details of the installation of your new cedar roof that will be performed by our courteous, professional installers. Our services to you however, do not end with the installation of your roof. Upon completion of your roof installation we will perform a detailed post-job inspection and a thorough site clean up.


Possible Choices for re-roofing consist of the following: Cedar shakes and shingles, treated cedar shakes & shingles (accessible in 18 and 24 inches) and Asphalt shingles. All of our skilled installers are completely covered by WCB and also liability insurance.

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