Cedar Roof Maintenance

Choosing South-West Roof Restoration Inc. For Your Cedar Roof Maintenance Pays!

South-West Roof Restoration Inc.,the premier Vancouver roofing company, has been serving Lower Mainland since 1985. We specialize in cedar roofs, and can save you thousands of dollars in needless roof replacement, by performing cedar roof maintenance for you.

Cedar roof treatment can greatly extend the life expectancy of a cedar shake roof. With the rising costs of cedar and alternative roofing products, you will find that performing cedar roof maintenance and repairing a roof is much more economical that a full cedar roof replacement. We are the best when it comes to cedar roof cleaning, treating, replacement, and maintenance. Let us help you save money.

Is Your Cedar Roof Over Four Years Old?

You may be concerned about how to perform cedar roof maintenance and how to restore your cedar roof. There’s no need for you to worry. A properly protected and maintained roof should last a lifetime! Being a natural product, cedar roofs must be given routine care to maintain their health, but it only takes a few simple steps.

Here are some tips to extend the longevity in your cedar roof:


  • Maintain the valleys by cleaning leaves and also clutter. This is specifically important for cedar roof coverings. When things accumulate in the valleys and gutters, it retains the moisture content and will result in the Cedar eventually decaying and rotting.
  • Maintain the gutters and also keep the downspouts clean of clutter to avoid back-ups and to also avoid ice damming.
  • Cut back the branches of trees around the roof to avoid rubbing and also brushing against the roof.
  • In very shaded spots insure that the moss and fungus does not build up on the cedar. This moss build up leads to moisture retention on the cedar and eventually results in decay.

Before And After Cedar Roof Maintenance and Restoration

Left Unprotected, Wood Decay Will Eventually Occur. The Three Basic Causes Of Wood Decay Are:

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Fungus (e.g., algae or moss)

If the water absorption is eliminated, you can control the growth of the fungus that causes wood to rot. The natural rays of the sun slowly leeches out oils and resins from cedar shakes and shingles. These factors combined result in discolouration, wood decay and splitting – thus dramatically reducing life expectancy of the roof and the value of your property.