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Add years to the life of your existing Cedar Roof with our earth-friendly, roof-Restoration process and significantly increase your curb appeal and resale value – all at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.


Restoration can double or possibly triple the remaining life of your roof, and SAVE YOU up to 75% over the cost of reroofing!

Do You Have Moss & Dirt?

Lower Mainland’s #1 choice For Cedar Roof Repairs, Washing & Treatment. South-West Roof Restoration Inc.’s highly trained staff professionally remove moss, mold, mildew, fungus and debris from your cedar roof, restoring it to a clean natural wood color without damaging the structure of the wood. There are many methods for cedar roof cleaning…

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Call South-West Roof Restoration Inc. today and have one of our trusted inspectors look at your cedar roof. Roof leaks, if unattended, can have damaging effects on your home. Major interior damage, rot, mold, fungus and seepage can make your home unpleasant to live in and can make them unsafe.

Is Your Roof Looking Tired?

Choosing South-West Roof Restoration Inc. For Your Cedar Roof Maintenance Pays! South-West Roof Restoration Inc., the premier cedar roofing company, has been serving Lower Mainland since 1985. We specialize in cedar roofs, and can save you thousands of dollars in needless roof replacement, by performing cedar roof maintenance for you.

Timber Pro UV Natural Oil Shake & Shingle Protector

We use locally produced Timber Pro UV Natural Oil Shake & Shingle Protector to restore, renew and increase the life of your cedar roof.


Selling your house?

Get the better price by cleaning and repairing the roof.

For professional roof cleaning and repairing , contact South-West Roof Restoration Inc for a free roof repair and cleaning estimate : (604) 760-7935


What is Causing Your Roof To Weather?

Although Western Red Cedar is an extremely durable material, its lifespan depends on its many factors including quality, workmanship and its environment. Left unprotected, wood suffers UV damage from the sun. Constant heat draws out the oils and can cause: Leaching...

Shake and Shingle Roofs – Treat Them Right!

Shake and Shingle Roofs are undeniably the most attractive roofs on the market. Why else would so many companies go to such great expense to manufacture "wood shake look-alike" products to replace them? Real wood shake roofs can last for many years if they are...

Experts in Cedar Roof Restoration

We understand that regular maintenance of your home is an ongoing annual process. Homeowners, businesses and strata complexes regularly maintain and protect all exterior wood surfaces, so why would you not do the same regular maintenance for your cedar...


My 12+ year old cedar roof was leaking and in bad shape. South-West Roof Restoration & Repair rejuvenated it and estimated it would be in good condition for another 14 years. They replaced all the caps, missing and cracked shingles and applied the UV Shake and Shingle Protector. They were able to match the colour and my roof looks beautiful!


South Surrey

South-West exceeded my expectations with respect to the workmanship, communication, onsite management of the work crew and clean-up. The strata complex project has been a very well planned and executed restoration.

Terry Cassy

Strata Council Member, Whistler, BC

Over 4,300 Roofs Restored Since 1985

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