Roof Treatment with Timber Pro Coatings

Timber Pro Roof Treatment is a specially formulated professional grade natural oil wood finish for use on cedar roof shakes and shingles.

Timber Pro Roof Treatment provides superior durability and performance for the harsh environment of a roof. The waterborne formula both accentuates and protects the beauty of a wood roof all in a low VOC formula.


Excellent Penetration:
Timber Pro Roof Treatment allows for excellent penetration and adhesion to wood shakes and shingles.

Excellent UV Protection:
Timber Pro Roof Treatment Formula Unique UV absorbers protect the wood from the suns UV rays.

Breathable Finish:
Timber Pro Roof Treatment will not trap moisture in the wood, reducing rot, checking and cracking.

Easy to apply:
Timber Pro Roof Treatment can be easily applied by spray or brush.

Low VOC formula:
The low VOC formula of Timber Pro Roof Treatment is better for the environment.

Easy Clean Up:
Cleans up with soap and water

Protects & Beautifies:
• Shake & Shingle Roofs

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