It has been said that a man is known by the company he keeps. The same can be said about a business as well. We have maintained long-term alliances with many leading businesses related to roofing and property management. Why do they keep recommending us to their friends and colleagues? Because we provide quality workmanship and excellent service. Our reputation is important to us and you can trust that we keep our word.

Our alliances with property management companies include:

  • Strataco Management Ltd.
  • Profile Properties Ltd.
  • Ascent Real Estate Management Ltd
  • The Wynford Group
  • Peak Property Management Ltd


  • Better Business Bureau of the Lower Mainland
  • Pacific Condominium Home Owners Association
We have been one of the driving members of the Shake and Shingle Bureau, helping to create ethical guidelines for roofing companies who service cedar roofs. We strive to maintain a high level of ethics in our work that meets or exceed these guidelines.

We are also known and respected by? House inspectors in the lower mainland, and are more than willing to work with them on any project you have planned.

Our Customers Are Our Very Best Advertisement. Here Is What They Have To Say About Our Work.

I have a 12-15 year old cedar roof and it had a leak in it. They rejuvenated it and estimated it would be in good condition for another 12 years. They replaced all the caps and shingles and also made the colours match. I am very pleased. They cleaned up after themselves. My neighbour is now using them. It was a great experience.

Bill from Surrey

Maintaining my roof saved me thousands of dollars, compared to the cost of buying a new one. My roof looks great!

Mr. Lee

South West Roof Restoration & Maintenance was very professional in the way they did their work and in the way they handled the project. Sammy had come in person to look at the work that needed to be done. He took a look at each and every spot on my gutters that was leaking and accessed the amount of work that would need to be done based on a worst case scenario. He explained my options for the amount of repair I’d like him to do. The quote was broken down with a picture attached to eachissue area and an explanation of what needed to be done. After the work had started, if it turns out that an area was not as bad as initially thought, he removed items from the final invoice as he did not need to do it.

The build went very smoothly and the work was done in a timely and professional manor. the work area was cleaned and there was constant e-mail/phone communication to let me know the status of the project. Some of the leaking areas caused some major rotting on the boards around the gutters and those were also fixed and changed out as well. I was very happy with the work and the project was closed out with no real issue. Sammy had also gave me some recommendations on how i could maintain the gutters, audit the work he had done and repaint some areas.

Mr. Chow from Vancouver

We Bought our House (New) in Oct. 1991. The south side of our lot was linked with 70′ to 80′ fir trees. The needles were destroying our shake roof. Fortunately new people bought our neighbors house and cut down seven trees that were directly between our houses.

Now that the major needle problem had been removed, we knew it was the time to have our roof cleaned of needles, repaired where necessary, and treated.

I had no idea where to begin looking for answers to what to be done and who best to do it. This is when I come to see you. You recommend we take to any of three contractors

Denny & Charlotte Jafares

They did work on our roof. The roof itself is awesome. They pressure washed, replaced wood caps and resealed it. They cleaned up outside and a lot of it sprayed in to my garden. They also didn’t know the spray would get into the attic. There ended up being a coating of dried dirt all over my things in the attic. That was upsetting. I spoke to him about it and he understands. The roof itself is great. It looks like I have a brand new roof.

Heather from Surrey

South-West Roof did such a good job on my roof that my house sold almost immediately after getting the roof done!

Pat Lessard

We found Ian Moyes and his crew to be very courteous and competent. Their rates were very reasonable. The work was excellent.

The thing that impressed me was the clean up job that was done when the job was finished, there was no trace of old shakes left laying around.

I highly recommend this company.

Gerry Hurst

The roof looks great! They inspected and repaired my roof and now I have peace of mind knowing that my roof is leak free. South-West Roof saved me a lot of money, and the house look way better.
George Patterson

They did a great job. They repaired my roof. It had some shakes and they redid the ridge caps. They cleaned up after themselves and there wasn’t a piece of anything left anywhere.

Rick from Surrey

I was reluctant to do this job but I had to do it. I requested a few quotes but South-West was diligent to replay and showed at my home, walked the roof and later sent me the quote. Other companies never showed up and apparently did a Google Map roof area calculation to issue a quote. Even other companies followed up my inquire weeks after my request. At the end I had quotes at hand to compare. The value added offered by South-West was is a cut above, they replaced all ridge cap shakes and any broken one, all include. While other companies offer a attractive value they offer less replacement shakes and charge an absurd amount per additional shake beyond they quote.

South-West did what was promised and more, they take care of you as client and there is issue that cannot be resolved, just talk and there will be a solution. The job is really messy and looking at the process it is difficult to believe that it will look good. But the job was done correct and in timely manner, no delays and no excuses. No wonder why South-West is listed with BBB as A+ company.

I strongly recommend this company services for your home cedar roof care. With their support you will have years if not a life time of satisfaction, knowing that the roof over your family is sound and beautiful.

Dyan Claudio Catamaran