All About Cedar Shakes & Shingle Roofs

In order to truly understand your roof, it’s helpful to know what kind of material is keeping you dry. There are various types of roofing materials including asphalt, fiberglass, etc. laminate, metal, clay tile, concrete, recycled rubber products and plastics, that are very commonly used in roofing.

Cedar is the only roofing material that comes from a natural source and it is the only type of wood allowed for roofing. There are a lot of types of roofs made with cedar shakes. Your roof’s design will be the upmost factor in determining how long your roof will last.

When in doubt as to which type of cedar shakes to use, call us. We would be happy to recommend the best material for your roof.

A general guideline for roofing confirms that if the shake is thicker it will have a longer life. This is also fitting if the shake is hand-split instead of taper-sawn. Also, if the mill pressure treats the shake, the shake can have a 25% longer life than untreated.


Cedar Shakes And Shingles

  • Cedar shingles can be one of the hardest roofing substance to correctly install.
  • Cedar shakes depend on a great deal of experience to properly lay.
  • Cedar shakes are a 3 ply roofing conformity.
  • Have small chance of seeping because they overlap three layers deep.
  • Are pretty simple to repair.
  • Should have a life of up to 20 to 25 years or more but it depends on how good the wood was installed.
  • Can be done as a Fire Rated Class A roofing system for an extra cost.
  • Are much more resistive to destruction from freezing rain than other types of Steep-Roofing materials.
  • Are much more resistive to wind blow destruction than many other options of Steep-Roofing material. If properly installed can endure 160 mph and up winds.
  • Naturally fade to a grey brown colour.
  • Are matched easily. A replaced section or shingle can stand out at first but by a year or longer will blend in completely.
  • Can be laid down in all climate conditions from near Zero to 120 degrees plus more.
Environmental Considerations
  • Think Green
  • Keep the cedar roof you have
  • Repair your cedar roof
  • Maintain your cedar roof
  • Save trees

Green Cedar Roofing At Its Best

Two major factors that impact what to do with your roof are the cost (value) of the decision and the environmental impact on our lives by making the decision. The bottom line is always going to come down to the dollar impact. We want the best value for our investment no matter which way we decide to go with fixing our roof. Although cost is a concern, we believe it is essential that you consider elements in addition to cost.

Eventually the cedar roof on your home is going to have to be changed. At South-West Roof we believe that it makes sense to keep your cedar roof intact for as long as possible. Too often companies recommend cedar roof replacement when a roof has many good years left. Creating and managing a consistent repair program is key to increasing the longevity of your cedar roof. Repairs will extend the life of the roof’, It also stops rot and damage from spreading unnecessarily.

Environmentally, cedar roof restoration is worthwhile because over the long term, it reduces the amount of garbage going to the dump and provides you with many more years of protection before you have to replace. This saves you money in the long run. And saving money makes good sense.

Cleaning and treating your roof with Timber Pro UV Roof Treatment  is an environmentally friendly step towards protecting your roof. This product is designed to feed nutrients back into the cells of the cedar shakes, and protects the shakes from the ravages of the sun. It is the only product that actually extends the life of the cedar roof

Other products are generally solvent, acrylic or silicone based. They smother the roof, causing the natural wood to decay. Respiration is absolutely necessary to extend the longevity of the roof. It is much like applying a suntan lotion or moisturizer to your own skin. You need a lotion that allows your skin to breathe, and doesn’t block your pores, otherwise difficulties will ensue.

Timber Pro UV is recognized by The LEEDS green building program as well as the GVRD Buildsmart program.

Environmentally speaking, a full repair and treatment program is the best value for your money. Maintaining your roof keeps the material on your cedar roof healthy longer. It also reduces the amount of garbage in the land fill and lets you keep your cedar roof for much longer, thus saving you money. It reduces the number of cedar trees that need to be cut down and reduces our dependency on oil by eliminating the need for more asphalt/fibreglass shakes to be manufactured.

If you would like to know more about cedar shakes, please have a look at our powerpoint presentation.

If you do not have powerpoint on your computer, you can get valuable information from the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau’s website.

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