What is Causing Your Roof To Weather?
Although Western Red Cedar is an extremely durable material, its lifespan depends on its many factors including quality, workmanship and its environment.

Left unprotected, wood suffers UV damage from the sun.

Constant heat draws out the oils and can cause:

  • Leaching (water absorption of wood components).
  • Moss build-up and debris.
  • Shrinking and swelling from water absorption and evaporation.
  • Discolouration and degradation by decay (promotes micro-organism).

Sun and rain cycles cause moisture fluctuations in wood, resulting in shrinking and swelling stresses. Deeper checks and splits develop, causing wood to warp, cut, curl, split and check at an accelerated rate.

Mold and mildew are the dark grey or black growth we see on wood. All organic growth must be removed by soft washing process, performed by our experienced Roof Maintenance Technicians (RMTs).

What is Causing Your Roof To Weather?
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