Shake and Shingle Roofs – Treat Them Right!
Shake and Shingle Roofs are undeniably the most attractive roofs on the market. Why else would so many companies go to such great expense to manufacture “wood shake look-alike” products to replace them?

Real wood shake roofs can last for many years if they are properly maintained. There is a quality about natural wood shakes that says earthy, yet elegant. They have character!

Current economic analysis shows that restoration can SAVE YOU up to 75% over the price of re-roofing. It costs less and it brings the roof back to that “like new” look.

If your roof is over 2 years old, the wood may be showing signs of aging:

  • Shakes or shingles warping and decaying.
  • Splitting, cracking or curling.
  • Surface is graying; black or green organic growth.
Not to worry! Restoration can double or possibly triple the remaining life of your roof.

Timber Pro UV Natural Oil Shake and Shingle Protector:

  • Protects and beautifies.
  • Contains natural oil resins so the treatment will last for many years.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • It is a breathable preservative that will not crack and peel.
  • Made with high grade resins and contains the safest mildew and UV inhibitors available.
  • Manufactured in Richmond, BC for our harsh West Coast climate.
Shake and Shingle Roofs – Treat Them Right!
Shake and Shingle Roofs in Surrey, Delta, Langley, White rock, Richmond BC.

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